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Was recently asked to help come up with data to help give the library a better handle on who is using our e-resources–to complement the numbers we have on what’s being used.  Hard to be precise given all the variables, but I did hit upon something I think serves as a reasonable proxy (no pun intended).

Step one was to pull together three different datasets:

  • an enormous (70+ million lines) proxy server log that covered all off-campus activity for restricted resources for the entire Fall 2015 semester.  This log has NetIDs for users.
  • our campus directory e-file which includes both a NetID (email address) and the major or departmental affiliation for students, faculty and staff
  • a spreadsheet  from a friend in Admissions which gave meaningful descriptions to the many four letter codes for majors we use here at Mason

The proxy server logs and campus directory were imported into MySQL tables (using the methodology I outlined a couple of years ago in a post about parsing EZProxy logs).  I then ran a simple SQL query:

select affiliation,count(*) from users
join proxy where proxy.username = users.username
group by users.affiliation
order by count(*),desc

Ended up with a result like this:

NURS 3343289
UNDE 2827947
PSYC 2535012
HIST 1536399
CLS 1499991
SOCW 1373797
BIOL 1366712
EDUC 1365084
ACCT 1287198
CRIN 1208750
CS 1203566
GLOA 1131793
COM 1028594
ECON 960981
ENGL 891196
AIT 884840
PUBP 844059

…and so on.

Exported the MySQL results to a CSV file and launched Tableau.  Within Tableau, I joined the results of my MySQL work with the CSV file containing “major codes” and their descriptions (so I could flesh out those NURS, GLOA, PUBP codes).  I hit one of Tableau’s “visualization” buttons.

Got a chart like the excerpt you see below.   Eventually, the complete visualization became an appendix in a document we prepared for internal reporting.  If you’re curious, you can download that final chart as a PDF.