An update on our DNS Query project

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An update on our DNS query project (detailed in an earlier post).

The first chart covers IPv4 DNS queries on the campus network between August 25 (the beginning of the Fall 2019 term) and September 7.  Put another way, it covers the first two weeks of activity of the Fall 2019 term.

The second chart covers activity since we began measuring (July 3, 2019) up through September 25, 2019.  As the Fall term progresses, ResearchGate continues building its lead.  Interesting to see how popular the combination of ResearchGate and Google Scholar is proving to be.

2019 09 09 12 44 35

2019 09 25 09 54 15


Here’s the underlying data file (60,000 lines) for the July 3 – September 25 graph.  The file is not sorted on the date field.