Speed up mail.app

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mailicon.jpgI found this tip on the Hawk Wings site (a blog devoted to tips and add-ons for Apple Mail). I tried it out and saw a pretty dramatic speed improvement so I’ll post it here.

1. Quit Mail.
2. Open Terminal.
3. Type the following:

cd ~/Library/Mail

sqlite3 Envelope\ Index

An sqlite> prompt will appear. At that prompt, type:

sqlite> vacuum subjects;.

After a short delay, the prompt will return.

Type Control-D to exit.

4. Restart Mail and enjoy the extra speed.

I’m guessing the degree of speed improvement you’ll see depends on the size of your “Envelope” file and the length of time you’ve been using Apple Mail. I just switched over from Thunderbird a month or so ago (I seem to switch back and forth about every 6 months) so I didn’t see much shrinkage in the Envelope file but I did see an immediate and noticeable improvement in the on-screen performance of Mail.