Anthologize it

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Preview001.jpgMy pragmatic friends over at the Center for History and New Media are at it again. This time, with support from National Endowment for the Humanities, they’ve come up with an interesting (and I hope trendmaking) take on a sponsored project.   Let’s use the funding to support the actual creation of something useful…

Here’s the result of their ‘One Week | One Tool‘ project: a WordPress plugin that converts a series of blog posts (and optionally, feeds from other RSS sources as well) into an e-book.

I know, on one level this seems a bit retro (did Henry Ford spend time trying to figure out  a way to turn an auto back into horse-drawn buggy?) but on another level it’s quite brilliant.  For example, I can see a great future for this tool as a way to archive a blog.

Congratulations to CHNM and the “One Week | One Tool” participants.