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Spent the past few days watching everyone move out of the area (due to impending construction of a new wrap-around expansion of Fenwick Library, various offices are emptying ahead of construction).  I’m still inside the office to the right (with the box near the door) but everyone else has moved to the Johnson Center library.

Plus ça change.

Over the next month, I’m sure we’ll get back to the way things looked just before we moved to Fenwick late in 2006.


In other news, we finally got a new Sun server installed over in the campus data center and for the past two days I’ve been learning more and more about ZFS.    Built a working mirrored ZFS pool today that’s currently backing up our Voyager server (via NFS).   Speaking of which, having two thirds of our server farm colo’d in the data center, I’m seeing the difference gigabit ethernet makes.   When I backup a Fenwick-based server (we’re still 100BaseT over here) to a unit in Aquia (gigabit), it seems quite sluggish compared to moving files between the machines in the data center.     Maybe we can upgrade to gigabit as they construct the Fenwick addition?

Thankfully, our proxy server (the hardest working machine in the library) now lives on the gigabit backbone.


As shown below, we continue to see building interest/usage for our Primo installation.  This past month (January 14 – February 13) we’re averaging 2300 searches per day.  Earlier this week, we hit a daily high (4,554).   That high occurred on a Tuesday, demonstrably our busiest day.  I’ve added a red dot for each Tuesday in this graph.

2013 02 14 14 09 30